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Barefoot Canoe

West Milton location Open 7 days a week thru August back to weekend Sept and Oct Open 10am weekends and Holidays 11 weekday West Milton location Open weekends thru Sept including Labor Day and by group reservation. 10am to 5pm off the river by 7p

Short trip typically takes 1.5 to 2 hrs but you may take as long as you want up to 7pm Long trip is generally 4 hrs but you can take as long as you want up to 7 pm You must start the long trip by 2 pm
Item Name Price
Short 4 to 5 mile trip from Milton $28 for 2 ppl in a canoe $28 for 2 ppl
Short trip kayak for single user $20 $20 for 1
Long trip 8 to 9 miles $40 for 2ppl in a canoe $40
Long trip kayak single $30 $30